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Be Your Own Best Advocate: After a Collision (Part 1)

Before 1st Responders Arrive In the immediate aftermath of a motor vehicle collision people may be injured or disoriented.  It is important to be mindful of your actions, and how those actions may help or hinder first-responders.  There are steps that you can take where conditions permit to protect yourself and your passengers after a wreck, and preserve important evidence. ...

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Getting Copies of your Georgia Accident Report

After a motor vehicle collision occurs, the first hurdle the parties need to clear before claims can proceed will be obtaining a copy of the police report for the collision.  It is important to recognize at the outset that there...

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Child Car Seat Requirements Under Georgia Law

Georgia law requires the use of child car seats, or “restraint systems,” to protect all children being transported in cars, pickup trucks or vans. Children, for purposes of the statute, are defined as any child under 8 year of age....

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Official Immunity Of Teachers and Principals in School Injury Claims

In Georgia, the doctrine of official immunity almost always protects public school teachers, coaches and principals from personal liability for their actions. As a result there are only a very limited set of circumstances where public school employees and administrators...

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Slip and Fall Injuries Due to Static Dangerous Conditions

The general principle guiding recovery in slip and fall cases is that an injured party can recover  when  it can be established that the owner/operator of the premises had superior knowledge of the hazard which led to the injury, and...

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Why the Hoverboard Isn’t the Best 2015 Holiday Toy

Gift-giving and holiday shopping is already in full swing, and, as a parent, you want to find the best gifts for your children to enjoy during the holidays. But what may appeal the most to children may also be hiding...

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