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Child Car Seats & Auto Wrecks – When to Replace?

Many parents don’t think of child car seats as something they need to replace after a wreck.  Getting insurance companies to pay for a replacement seat can be an uphill battle, especially without the proper resources.  The reality is that...

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Child Car Seat Requirements Under Georgia Law

Georgia law requires the use of child car seats, or “restraint systems,” to protect all children being transported in cars, pickup trucks or vans. Children, for purposes of the statute, are defined as any child under 8 year of age....

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Could New Technology Save Kids Left Behind In Hot Cars?

Hot Car Death Statistics The leading cause of non-collision-related deaths among children under the age of 15 is heatstroke in vehicles, notes the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. About 87 percent of these fatalities involve children ages three and...

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Fireworks Safety for You and Your Children

The Fourth of July is a time when we celebrate our nation’s independence by lighting fireworks at home, or attending professional fireworks displays. To many people, this national holiday just wouldn’t be the same without the loud boom of fireworks...

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